ARCASIA Ar. Barry Will Award 2021

亞洲建築師協會Barry Will 獎 2021

已故的香港建築師韋栢利拿出部分遺產設立Barry Will 獎 2021獎。伍江說,“這個獎項只頒給充分體現社會責任的建築師。此次是第一次頒獎,首次獲得該獎項的是孟加拉建築師,在貧民窟幫助沒有能力享受社區優質資源的窮人做花園。所以,現在建築界討論的話題更加社會化,大家談責任心,對於中國建築界,亞洲建築大會不僅僅是個活動,也推動我們更多地思考社會問題。”

HKIA organised with ARCASIA for the award in commemoration of ARCASIA Past President Barry Will. The award provides applicants the opportunity to participate in a socially-related architectural or environmental projects. The winning project is:

Common ground: Community-led productive garden and learning centre Team Leader: Mahmuda ALAM Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB)

This community project initiated by a group of architects and building professionals with the aim to co-create community spaces with grassroots communities in order to achieve a self-help sustainable community development. Using the idea “from Waste to Garden”, outdoor spaces of the dense housing communities will be converted of the outdoor spaces for Productive Gardening, Collective Spaces and Waste Management to encourage co-creation of learning, communal kiosks and play spaces. Community-led and social-responsible entrepreneurship, sustainable community-building could be cultivated.

The well-thought out framework for community mapping project with programme and business management cycle can be a showcase to demonstrate the contribution of architects to serve the local community through the core value of economic development including life sustenance, self-esteem and freedom. The new bonding of friendship, neighborhood and livelihood is to be cultivated through the dedication of architects and related professionals, and the six fundamental pillars of human development namely equity, sustainability, productivity, empowerment, cooperation and security are strengthened for the betterment of the local community.

The winning project will be executed and completed by 2nd Quarter of 2023.