Jockey Club Home for Hospice


AGC Design Ltd

Location: Shatin
Client: Society for the Promotion of Hospital Care
Completion: 2017
GFA: 5,000 m2
Awards: 2017 HKIA Annual Awards Inclusive Design


The Jockey Club Home for Hospice at A Kung Kok Shan Road in Shatin provides a high-quality hospice service for terminally ill patients, particularly those from less well-off socio-economic groups. It is the first hospice in Hong Kong to place family participation at the heart of its activities with facilities specifically designed to allow patients to spend the last stage of their together with their family members.

The hospice’s 30 apartments, with a total built area of 5K square metres, provide a cozy, caring and home-like environment. To allow patients from lower income groups to benefit from these facilities, half of the apartments are supported through donations received by the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care.

Connection with nature
As enabling terminally ill patients to live and die with dignity is one of the project’s major criteria, we began our work for this project by studying how a hospice should feel and be experienced from a patient’s perspective. This user-oriented approach enabled us to come up with the idea that the new hospice should be designed to provide a peaceful, tranquil and relaxing home environment for its patients, where not only their body, mind and spirit can be at one with nature, but they can enjoy the last moments of their lives with their families in serenity.

Live and die with dignity
Each apartment, with an area of 300-400 square feet, has a home-like setting, including a patient’s bed, sleeping facilities for family members, a private washroom and a pantry, providing them with ample space and privacy for the last stage of life. The hospice also features a sky-lit quiet room where memorial services can be held for those who passed away there.

The ultimate goal
As well as offering enhanced end-of-life care for terminal patients, the hospice also serves as a training and education centre offering seminars and training programmes, aimed at boosting public awareness of the importance of holistic and palliative care for terminal patients and how their families can play a full and positive part in this process.


Fig.1 View from A Kung Kok Shan Road

Fig.2 Section AA and 2nd floor plan

Fig.3 View of main block from healing garden

Fig.4 Interior views. top, Quiet room for contemplation; bottom, Ensuite